2007 Peschici Fire

How to avoid forest fires

    • Do not light bonfires and fires in the woods during your outings and use the appropriate equipped areas.
    • When hiking in the woods do not park the car in contact with dry grass a: the heat from the muffler can ignite a fire.
    • Do not leave waste on the ground , because it is highly flammable, put it in the appropriate containers.
    • Never throw cigarette butts or matches still on.
    • In the warmer months do not burn stubble , straw and other vegetable residues in an uncontrolled way.
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What to do in the event of a forest fire

Call one of the following numbers:

  • 115, the national emergency number of the national fire department
  • 1515, the national emergency number of the State Forestry Corps

Try, if you can, to turn it off but only if you are sure of an escape route: a road or a stream

  • In any case, stand with your back to the wind, beat a branch or a green branch in the small burned area until the fire is suffocated.
  • If unfortunately you risk being reached by the fire, it is better to try to turn it along the sides, where the intensity of the flames is less, to pass into the already burned area, and placing yourself in a safe position, upwind, wait for help.
  • It is good not to stay in places above the fire or in areas where the wind blows.
  • Do not stop on the roads near the fire: you could get in the way of the intervention teams.
  • If the road is closed, don’t queue go back.
  • Don’t cross the road overrun with smoke and flames.
  • Tell the firefighting teams the roads or paths you know and make your water reserves available.

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