Peschici Beach

Baia Zaiana Beach

About 5 kilometers from the town, on the road to Vieste, there is this beach located between the cliffs, where authentic natural trampolines have been created, a favorite place for diving enthusiasts. The rocks that embrace the beach with golden and very fine sand protect it from the winds.

* Paid parking, equipped beach


Baia Manaccora Beach

Located in the homonymous bay adjacent to Zaiana beach, it is universally recognized as one of the most enchanting beaches of the Gargano. The nearby archaeological site gives the bay additional prestige. The Grottone di Manaccora is a must visit. Tourist destination coveted by many because of the three campsites arranged around it. * Free parking, equipped beach

Baia Cala Lunga Beach

Cliffs and pine forests delimit the wide beach of about 300 meters, consisting of fine and golden sand. The beach, located 7 kilometers from Peschici and 16 from Vieste, is surrounded by trebuchets and a watchtower, and is located near the Gargano National Park.

* Free parking, equipped beach

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Baia Peschici Beach

It is the city beach, whose clear waters have often obtained the prestigious blue flag. The inhabited part is concentrated on the top of a karst cliff, which stands on the splendid bay. The beach with fine golden sand is located near the marina. * Paid and free parking, equipped beach

Baia Procenisco Beach

Suggestive beach although difficult to reach. Located between two rocky peaks, one of which houses a trebuchet, it has a small stretch of free beach, with golden sand and crystal clear sea.

* Paid and free parking, equipped beach

Baia del Turco Beach

Between Cala Lunga and Baia del Gusmay, here is a small but enchanting place to spend unforgettable days. The name recalls the raids of Turkish pirates dating back to the 16th century.

* Unpaid parking, beach not equipped. The accessibility of this beach, however, is not for everyone because you have to park your car close to the road. I recommend packed lunch because there are no snack/food point

Baia Sfinale Beach

Located in the bay on the border with the territory of Vieste. Easily accessible thanks to the road that comes close to the beach, it is enclosed between two rocky peaks, one of which houses the remains of a Saracen watchtower. A small piece of paradise, between unspoiled nature and a wonderful sea.

* Free parking, equipped beach

baia di sfinale peschici

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