Peschici Castle

The Peschici Castle represents the plant around which the current ancient village of the town of Peschici was built. The imposing structure is located on the cliff overlooking the sea. Its construction dates back to the year 970, when the Byzantines built fortified centers in Capitanata.

In Norman times, in 1150, Count Goffredo di Lesina in the Pesckizo fiefdom had five soldiers. In the Swabian period the Castrum Pesquicii was repaired by the inhabitants of Canneto, Montenero (a farmhouse near Vico), Sfilzi and Rodi. In 1239, the fortifications of Termoli, Vieste and Peschici were razed to the ground by the Venetians, whom Pope Gregory IX armed against the excommunicated Frederick II.

It is said that the Emperor himself, to repair the damage and thank these cities that had suffered the damage in order to be faithful to him, made an inspection “to draw new ones”. The Castle therefore boasts of respectable Federician origins. Under the Spaniards, in 1504, it entered the coastal defense system against Turkish danger. It is probable that the Baronial fence was built just then.

The Prince of Ischitella, Emanuele Pinto, restored the Castle in 1735, reminding him of an epigraph located at the entrance of the Baronial fence. Abatements and modifications affected the upper floors and the reception rooms. The basements and dungeons are now visible thanks to the restoration carried out by the owners, Domenico and Sergio Afferrante.

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