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How to choose a restaurant (on a budget) while traveling

Traveling and in the mood for local food, have you ever experienced the unpleasantness of landing in the wrong restaurant where:
a) the quality is bad;
b) the service is cheap;
c) the account is quite steep on the contrary;
d) Do you have this bad feeling of being scammed?

If a bell rings, this article is what you need!

I give you my tips and tricks to increase your chances of choosing a nice restaurant when traveling abroad and avoid being deceived by the quality and price of your dinner.

I hope this article will save tourists disenchanted with the safe bet of eating in fast food chains!

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Discover the best places in advance

This will not please travelers who sing the praises of adventure and improvisation, but allowing some time to prepare will drastically reduce the chances of being cheated.Before leaving, check out what the local specialties are-

Read the recommendations of other travelers and find out about the prices you should expect in restaurants.

For example, check reviews on websites like TripAdvisor where you read other travelers’ opinions about restaurants, hotels and activities in all over the world … But keep in mind that all reviews are not sincere (it is always difficult to certify the authenticity / sincerity of reviews, do not trust comments that are extremely positive or extremely negative).

Ask the locals for advice

Once you arrive at your destination, do not hesitate to ask the locals for advice by asking them the name of their favorite restaurants, they will be happy to show you the best addresses based on your budget

Staying in a hotel? You can ask for advice at the reception but know that some hotels receive a commission from local restaurants for each customer they send there. And these restaurants aren’t always the best or the cheapest. So the tips you get may not be the best. The same level of caution is required if you ask a taxi driver for advice for recommendations.


Before thinking about a restaurant, consult the area look around, look carefully at the details, the locals are sitting at the table! And don’t wait until the last minute: if you’re hungry and tired, you may be tempted to make a hasty choice or worse, become an easy prey.

What you should pay attention to:

  • Generally avoid the city center and the tourist area around big landmarks where you can be sure of paying a lot more than elsewhere and where you will probably be treated as a number anyway. </ li>
  • Take a look at the patrons of the restaurant you are looking for (of course, it will only be possible at certain times): are they local? The odds are of great quality will be on the menu! Only tourists there? it’s a good sign …
  • Check the menu if it is on display or ask for one: shorter, better! I always prefer restaurants that offer a limited choice of dishes: it is almost always a sign of fresh and quality products . Restaurants with an infinite menu generally serve low quality ready meals.
  • Don’t let the hooligans decide for you , even if they seem really friendly and tell you that they have a love in your home country or are big supporters of the local football team in your city. Don’t believe him if they promise you a special price.
  • A good restaurant does not necessarily look extravagant : remember that a humble place can serve the best food in the city! Do not exclude restaurants just for their appearance.

Trust your instincts

Once seated, take your time to order and take a look around you.You feel comfortable in this place? It looks well-kept? The staff are friendly? If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to leave (before being served) and going to another place. After all, don’t go to a restaurant to feel unhappy!

Always ask for the menu

Too often, tourists are spotted from far away and pay a higher price than the locals. Always ask to see the menu before ordering or asking for the price of the dish. If it is much lower / higher than usual in the area, do caution …

Enjoy life

And now you are ready to enjoy this little adventure of going to a restaurant! Once you have made your choice, relax and enjoy!

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