Check-in can be done after 15.30 on the day of arrival.
Check-out the apartment must be vacated by 10.00 on the day of departure.
The secretarial service is available from 8.00 to 19.30.
30% of the agreed amount must be paid; the reservation will become binding for both parties from the moment of payment.

Upon confirmation of the advance payment, the confirmation of the above data will be sent.

In case of cancellation, the advance will be refunded only if the apartment is re-rented.

Hand in the documents for registration and fill in the form to be delivered to the competent authorities.

Pay the established sum, pay any extra services subject to payment and deposit the deposit of 50 euros.

It is absolutely not allowed to appear in a higher number than that agreed and present in the booking confirmation letter.

People in excess, if exceeding the declared capacity of the apartment, will not be accommodated in any way.

Within 24:00 hours of arrival, please report the malfunctions in the apartment and the missing items compared to the equipment listed in each apartment.

Those who plan to arrive after 19:30 (during the night) are kindly requested to notify in advance, also by phone, to agree on the method of delivery of the apartment.

Guests will have to behave in accordance with the tranquility desired by everyone, keep the volume of any sound equipment low, do not play noisy games that may disturb them (play with the ball and etc.), exercise silence from 14:00 to 17:00 and from 22:00 to 08:00.

The presence of dogs must be absolutely reported at the time of booking by written request. The management reserves the right to accept or reject dogs in tow.

All animals will always be kept on a leash and must be over 12 months of age. The owners are responsible for removing their excrement as well as for any damage caused.

Animals are not free to get on the furniture. Any indication of animals getting on the furniture can lead to an additional additional cleaning fee.

All animals must be vaccinated, with evidence of vaccination updates, especially for rabies. Preventive care for worms is seriously recommended.

All animals must have undergone an anti-parasite treatment for sea fleas and ticks three days before arrival. The tourist resort is surrounded by nature and is a very hot area. Fleas can cause harmful or even fatal infectious diseases to humans and animals.

All these conditions are placed under the responsibility of the owner of the animals in question.

The ownership of the house assumes no responsibility for the injuries or diseases that guests and their animals contract in contravention of the above provisions.

It is not possible to smoke inside the apartments, it is allowed on the veranda.

Only small dogs (max 6kg) with a total supplement of € 30 are allowed in the residence; only 1 dog per apartment is allowed, animals must not be left alone in the apartments and must not disturb other guests.

Any unauthorized overnight stay determines the immediate removal of the host family and the payment of the agreed sum.

The Management relieves itself of any responsibility, leaving the correct use of the games and the observance of the safety rules to the adult escorts.

The Management is not responsible for any objects and values ​​left in the apartments, in the premises and common parts, in the cars parked inside the property. The internal air of the Villa is under video surveillance.

The hob, sink and refrigerator must be left clean as well as upon delivery of the apartment, including pots and dishes. If you don’t want to leave the kitchen clean, you have to pay € 15 for the extra cleaning. Any returns of food must be left at the waste collection points.

The waste must be sorted and transported to the collection point.

The Management reserves the right to remove people who do not comply with this regulation.

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