Chalet Relax

Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool.

To relax and find the right balance, nothing better than relaxing in a villa with a relaxation chalet.

At Villacelest you will have at your disposal a private and intimate environment, immersed in nature with a picturesque panorama overlooking the sea, perfume made of botanical secrets and sensory memories, accompanied by the hypnotic song of cicadas, a natural energy experience.

* The sauna, turkish bath and whirlpool are reserved for adults.


The sauna detoxifies the depth and, therefore, makes the skin shiny and transparent and the tissues more elastic. The heat bath also promotes relaxation and helps night sleep.

Finally, blood and lymphatic circulation is improved and the activity of the skin, tissues and glands increases.

In practice, the sauna is equivalent to a thorough cleansing of the whole body and makes the skin more resistant to atmospheric agents, from cold to heat, from wind to smog.

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The abundant sweating caused by the sauna eliminates about a liter of water and thoroughly cleans the skin, removing impurities and toxic substances. It does not make you lose weight, but it certainly helps to improve turnover and metabolism.

Heart, circulation, skin and breathing. They improve resistance to infections, such as sinusitis, colds and flu.

Tips for a good sauna :

– It is preferable not to eat meals before the sauna.

– A hot herbal tea, drunk before starting the sauna, helps to sweat.

– Before entering the sauna you should take a shower, soaping yourself well with soap. This allows you to prepare the skin with pores well open and facilitates relaxation of the whole body.

– It is advisable that the first passage does not exceed ten minutes, on the contrary, the first few times it is better to avoid the steam because the air suddenly becomes hot and humid, it could annoy you: in this case it is enough not to pour water on the stones of the stove.

– A face exiting the sauna, you take a cold shower (the jet must be gentle) that brings body temperature back to normal levels.

-The moment of rest: wrapped in a bathrobe or with the help of blankets, you lie down on the bed. This time, no more than fifteen minutes, can also be used to take a nap.

Finally, go back to the sauna for the second step (about another ten minutes), being careful to repeat the same precautions. At the end the skin will be softer and more elastic: a moisturizing cream can conclude the treatment.

– Remember to replenish liquids lost by sweating with water or herbal teas. Do not drink sugary, stimulating and alcoholic drinks, not only during, but also before and after the sauna.


People suffering from hypertension, lung or heart disease and circulatory problems should avoid the sauna. It is always advisable to seek advice from your doctor before starting treatment with heat baths.

Turkish Bath

A simple heat bath is enough to perspire and eliminate toxins and waste from the skin through sweat.The Turkish Bath is not only a steam bath with multiple positive effects, but it can also be an opportunity for socializing, as in the oriental tradition.

The Turkish bath is a treatment that takes place in a room where the relative humidity is 100% forming a mist with a stratified temperature, from 20/25 ° C at floor level up to 40/50 ° C at head height .

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Promotes deep cleansing and purification of the skin.

It is useful for the respiratory tract.

It has a toning and relaxing effect.

Tips for a good Turkish bath:

– Stay no longer than 20 minutes, if your temples throb, stop first.

– Come out to take a cold shower.

– Return to the Turkish bath for another 15 minutes.

– Take another cold shower.

– Lie down and cover yourself with a blanket and relax for at least 20 minutes.

– Remember to replenish the liquids lost by sweating with water and herbal tea.


– Not suitable for people with cardiovascular disorders.



Improve sleep.

It reduces stress and anxiety.

Lower your blood pressure.

It makes the skin healthier.

Decreases tension headache.


It is contraindicated to make a hot water whirlpool to people suffering from low blood pressure. Even in case of major heart disease, it is better not to undergo the action of the whirlpool bath. It is also not recommended for pregnant women and particularly debilitated people.

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